Strategic Genre Trends

Genre Trend Analysis Tool

Clustering movie and TV titles into audience-driven genres and minigenres enables new types of analysis. See how we took the familiar 2×2 matrix and turned it into a strategic tool that provides insights into the recent performance of genres and minigenres. It lets you map genre trends and identify opportunities. Learn more.

Wonder Woman Title Match

Title Match Wonder Woman vs. WW 1984

Comparing audience perceptions of the two Wonder Woman movies, it’s easy to see why Wonder Woman 1984 was criticized. The new movie took us back to the same minigenres of most other superhero movies. Even if it had been a perfect superhero movie, Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) didn’t recapture the unique spirit of Wonder Woman (2017). Learn more

Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians

A Case for RELATIONSHIP COMEDY … one of the keys to Crazy Rich Asians’ box office success was that it wasn’t just a romantic comedy. It was a rich story with lots to say about family and friendship in addition to romance – increasing its appeal and potential audience. Read more

Genre Evolved

Genre Evolved

Old genres don’t fit modern audiences. It’s not just action and drama anymore. With genres like “Epic Heroes” and “Victorious Underdogs,” you immediately have a rich image of what to expect. Not only are these genres clear and evocative, they’re engaging because they’re based on the viewers’ words and affinity for specific content. Read more.

Content Affinity

Nanocrowds Content Affinity Analysis and Marketing is a better way to analyze and understand what people like based on their reactions. When based on viewer reviews, it gives producers an accurate map of viewers’ rich emotional reactions, and it helps them group viewers. It’s the best way they can get to know their viewers on a personal level. Read more.