Content providers no longer have the luxury of a captive audience. Now there are global audiences who have access to seemingly limitless choices. More and more, your content's success relies on capturing the imagination of the right people in the right way.
Armed with a deeper knowledge of who your true audience is and what captivates them, you can see substantial  increases in revenue and admissions. In many cases, we can triple your product sales or more.


We create in-depth, groundbreaking evaluations of your comps by listening to how audiences describe what’s important to them. That helps to identify the most targeted high-potential audiences and allows you to connect with them.

How we do it:

Instead of starting with numbers, we use emotion to get to the heart of the issue. Emotions such as exciting, heart-warming, fun or scary.

Then, we develop a reaction profile.
Calculate the relationship between your comps.
Identify which titles are the best comps and set aside those less effective.

We identify the market potential for all possible audiences, so you can build a strategy to maximize your potential audiences and increase your revenue.

With our unique approach to audience analysis, we provide the key words that viewers use to describe the titles in each cluster so you know which words to use (and which to avoid).

Whether you’re in development, production, post or have already released your title, our Comp Analysis can help you find the right comps by using real audience reactions to existing titles. That can help you identify your core audience, understand the dominant themes and result in better audience targeting, strategy and marketing.

Rediscover Your Audience.

Not your grandfathers' genres

Advanced Features

  • Analysis and summary of viewer reactions
  • Identification of Nanogenre themes
  • Performance analysis of comp titles
  • Comp similarity analysis
  • Identification of alternate comps
  • Title clustering by distance
  • ViewerVoice marketing analysis, including dominant nanogenre themes, viewer-keywords, nanogenre performance, and words that increase or reduce audience size
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All of our analytics are based on the viewer's voice. We've developed an algorithm to determine which words are the most important to distinguish one title from another. These Reaction Words, like gripping and adorable, are full of passion and meaning capturing your viewers reactions and interests. Reaction Words also expose fundamental relationships between titles. We use these words and relationships to build our ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset.


You can license this dataset to create new analyses, such as finding the right keywords to promote titles or figuring out which titles should be distributed beside other titles. You can also use it to enhance the models you've already developed, such as adding the ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset to your pre-existing models to increase revenue and enhancing your title curation, buddy packs, title bundles, blockbuster drafting, and recommendations.


Based on our analysis of viewer reactions, we map the three-dimensional distance of titles to each other and cluster them into groups.

For our comp analysis product, we use these groups to calculate expected revenue and discover the words audiences use to describe each group of similar titles.

Three-dimensional map showing distance of titles to each other within their group cluster, based on viewer reaction analysis. 
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