Data Meets Emotion.

It's the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

wonder woman " "... even if you've grown tired of super hero stories this one is sure to capture your attention ... "... the emotional resonance within them while also deliver exciting action and a powerful message of hope ..." "Brilliant, empowering movie that gives a much-needed central, strong female superhero protagonist center-stage" and trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Before she was Wonder Woman,
she was Diana, princess of the Amazon
raised on a sheltered island paradise
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Rich stories are being told every day

By Audiences.

Listening to all their stories one at a time isn't possible or actionable.

That's why we capture and distill the meaning.

So you can see the full picture.

The analytical results are packaged in incredibly powerful tools that can assist you through development, post, marketing, and distribution.

And they can be transformative.

Data...Meet Emotion

Revolutionary modeling and emotional analytics.
In-depth data and evaluation, using the same objectivity as numerical analysis.

With all the color of the emotional spectrum.

Reimagine Your Titles

Think about movies and TV shows the way audiences do. Use our ViewerVoice Platform with Reaction Mapping, Keyword Analysis, and Positioning.

Find Your True Audience.

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