Nanocrowd is redefining how we think about audiences.

By rethinking how you identify, describe and communicate with audiences you can find the largest possible audience for your content and capture the highest revenue.

With a completely redefined picture of who your audience is, and what is important to them, your titles can break through the clutter and connect with the people who will love your content and drive your revenue. The right content, for the right audience.

Content Affinity

Use content affinity analysis to figure out how to give your audiences more of what they love.

Relying solely on the viewers' own words, we apply content affinity analysis to film and television audiences. We apply our complex algorithm to analyze how viewers use words to describe their reactions to movies they’ve seen.

The results?
Content providers learn which titles belong together, which themes engage their audiences, and which types of content have the highest revenue potential.

A Better Approach

Think about movies the way audiences do.

How We ThinkAbout Audiences
The Right Content
For the Right Audience
Because the platform is based on viewers’ words, content providers get to discover the relationships between content and audiences, so they can find the right words, the right comps, and the right positioning to promote titles. Learn more about how we do it.


 By rethinking how you identify, describe, and communicate with audiences you can find the largest possible audience for your content and capture the highest potential revenue. Finding the right words can mean the difference between $42M and $82M box office median.
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Our sophisticated algorithm analyzes how viewers use words to describe your movies. We create in-depth, groundbreaking evaluations of your comps by analyzing how audiences describe what’s important to them. Learn more about our Comp Analysis and ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset.


Redefining genre and target audiences by using the viewers' own words creates more meaningful categories and a deeper connection. Learn more about our Genre Trends, Nanogenre® Lists and Reaction Mapping® Technology.


Based on our analysis of viewer reactions, we map the three-dimensional distance of titles to each other and cluster them into groups.

For our Comp Analysis product, we use these groups to calculate expected revenue and discover the words audiences use to describe each group of similar titles.

Three-dimensional map showing distance of titles to each other within their group cluster, based on viewer reaction analysis.

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