Comp Analysis and Data Licensing

Comp Analysis

We evaluate and cluster your comps to identify the most interesting potential audiences. Using this information, you select the best overall audience, and use the right words to attract the largest audience. Here’s what we do:

  • Develop a reaction profile
  • Calculate distance between comps
  • Identify comp titles that don’t belong and find alternatives
  • Cluster comps based on viewer’s words, such as brooding, slick, spiritual, riveting, heartwarming, goofy
  • Identify the market potential for all possible audiences of the clusters, so you build a strategy to maximize your audience and revenue

With our unique approach of using the viewer’s voice, we provide the words that viewers use to describe the titles in each cluster, so you know the words to use (and those to avoid) that will attract the largest audience.

Throughout Your Creative Process
For released films, Comp Analysis identifies your core audience segments and the dominant themes that viewers are finding in your title, allowing you to quickly confirm or pivot your marketing messages.

For unreleased films, Comp Analysis uses audience reactions to comps to make sure you have the right comps and to identify the best audience segment(s) for your title.

What You’ll Learn About Your Titles

  • Powerful insights into how your unreleased title is shaping up
  • Which titles touched audiences in similar ways
  • The words that audiences actually use to describe their reactions
  • How to position your title and market to your audience in their own words
  • Which different audience segments your title could attract
  • Which audiences have the highest revenue potential


  • Analysis and summary of viewer reactions, nanogenre themes, and performance of comp titles
  • Comp title to title distance analysis and identification of alternate comps
  • Title clustering by distance
  • In-Their-Words marketing analysis for clusters, including dominant nanogenre themes, viewer-keywords, nanogenre performance, and words that increase or reduce audience size

Reaction Mapping® Technology

Nanogenre® Lists

Strategic Audience Recommendations

  • True-audience descriptions
  • Evaluation of true-audience revenue opportunities
  • Positioning and marketing recommendations
learn your viewer's voice

Data Licensing

ViewerVoice™ Reaction Dataset

All of our analytics are based on the viewer's voice. We've developed an algorithm to determine which words are the most important to distinguish one title from another. These "Reaction Words," like gripping and adorable are full of passion and meaning, capturing the reactions and interests of your viewers. Reaction Words also expose fundamental relationships between titles. We use these words and relationships to build our ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset.

Licensing the ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset

You can license this dataset to create new analyses, like finding the right keywords to promote titles or figuring out which titles should be distributed alongside other titles. You can also use it to enhance the models you've already developed, such as adding the ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset to your pre-existing models to increase revenue, and enhancing your title curation, buddy packs, title bundles, blockbuster drafting, and recommendations.

Data Objects

  • Title keywords
  • Nanogenre title collections
  • Nanogenre keywords
  • Sentiment analysis “Crowd Ratings”
  • Viewer-review-based “Crowd Size”
  • Title most-like lists
  • Distance metrics

Understand Your Audience

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