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At Nanocrowd® we develop technology that analyzes the passionate voices of movie and television viewers as they write millions of reviews and comments online about the things they watch. By analyzing these comments, we learn the viewer's voice, understand their interests, and discover how to speak their language.

The ViewerVoice™ platform is a suite of tools designed to help our customers understand their viewers, so they can find the right audience for their titles and use the viewer's own words in developing new projects and creating marketing programs.

We're a team of scientists, technologists, and developers who love movies and TV. We set out to understand WHY people like things, because we believe that understanding WHY is crucial. Movies and TV programs evoke a variety of feelings and emotions that are complex, and these complexities aren't captured by ratings or rental histories. By understanding WHY, we were able to develop a powerful new suite of audience analysis tools. Find out more about what we do and how we do it.

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We've developed an algorithm to determine which words are the most important to distinguish one title from another. Learn more about our Comp Analysis and ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset.


Using viewers' own words, movies are clustered together into just-the-right-sized genres. Learn more about Nanogenre® Lists and Reaction Mapping® Technology.