Audience Messaging - understanding WHY is crucial. We can help.

We're a team of designers, developers, and technologists who love movies and TV. Before starting Nanocrowd, every time we tried to find a movie or TV program to watch, the collections suggested on popular websites didn’t seem to make much sense, and we wondered why.

Our conclusion was simple: finding the right audience for a movie, or TV program requires knowing WHY people like things. Understanding WHY is crucial, because movies and TV programs evoke a variety of feelings and emotions that are complex and these complexities can’t be captured by ratings or rental histories.

Knowing that people like the movie The Godfather just isn't enough. To suggest the right movies and TV programs for your market we need to know WHY your audience liked the Godfather -- was it because it was a gangster story or because it was a gripping morality tale? Without knowing which of these is relevant it isn't possible to suggest the right collections. So, we set to work developing a powerful new way to figure out which types of titles are successful and in what markets those titles are successful.

Find out more about what we do and how we do it:

I Make Movies

By analyzing viewer's reactions, we can help you find the right audience for your movie or TV show... More


Using viewers' own words, movies are clustered together into just-the-right-sized genres. More

Reaction Mapping Tech

Our revolutionary new technology uses heatmaps to capture the insights of movie viewers’ comments... More

We Love Movies. Meet Our Team

  • Rod March

    Rod March CEO

    Rod March has over 30 years of experience in business and technology and has worked at all levels of management, including CEO, CFO, and VP of Marketing and Sales in ventures ranging from low-tech LBO’s to high-tech start-ups. He has co-founded and run several companies, including FirstFloor Software that merged with Calico Commerce, whose IPO was the 6th "Best Debut of 1999". While at FirstFloor, Rod shared a patent on a new method for collecting and displaying information on networked computers. Rod has also worked as an independent consultant for clients including Sun Microsystems, TrizecHahn, and Open Logic. His experience as a consultant began at Bain & Company.

    Rod earned his MBA from Stanford University and graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Rod has served on advisory boards including a high-tech start-up and a non-profit foundation.

  • Doug Millasich

    Doug Millasich

    Doug is responsible for managing (and often developing) the code and databases that support Nanocrowd's website search engine and back office analyses.

    He wears about a dozen hats, doing whatever it takes to entice good behavior from all the bits and bytes that make our applications fly.

  • Jeff Simons

    Jeff Simons

    Jeff is the primary force behind the secret sauce that makes our nanogenres and movie matches sizzle. Jeff has over 25 years experience developing algorithms for solving highly nonlinear systems of equations. With a background in applied mechanics and structural engineering he has developed algorithms for a plethora of projects including statistical analysis to determine the root cause of prestressed stud hang-ups in space shuttle launches.

    Jeff earned his MS and PhD at UC Berkeley in Civil Engineering. He got his BA in Applied Mechanics at UC San Diego. Jeff's PostDoc was at the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim.

  • Tim Todd

    Tim Todd

    Tim has developed many of Nanocrowd's unique website tools, and he leads our data acquisition and API efforts.

    Tim started programming at an early age on a Commodore 64. Often you would find him typing in and modifying programs and games from magazines of the time like RUN, BYTE, and COMPUTE!'s Gazette.

    Tim continued to develop his skills throughout high school and college where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Math.

    Tim taught as a part-time instructor at Mendocino College where he currently also is a senior programmer/analyst.

  • Cindy Wallace

    Cindy Wallace

    Cindy drives the design of our websites, as the PM and UI designer for the online channels. Prior to joining Nanocrowd, Cindy managed eCommerce and the web services channel for a large financial institution and has worked in web design and development in the US, Australia and SE Asia.

    Cindy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/ Marketing. She has continued her education in an attempt to keep up with the ever changing web technology. An avid animal lover, Cindy is a volunteer dog trainer and animal massage therapist.

  • Will Hawkes

    Will Hawkes

    Will is our Creative Consultant on all things film. Will is an actor living in Los Angeles. He has been studying and working in film-making and acting for over 15 years. With his extensive training and passion for storytelling, Will has the ability to blend his imagination with human observation to create compelling characters. He applies these same skills in helping Nanocrowd stay playful and in touch with the world of movies.

    Will got his BA from UCLA and hones his acting skills taking classes at the Stella Adler Acting Academy, the Groundlings, and Actors Circle Theater.

  • Laura Torres

    Laura Torres

    Laura is our Marketing and Communications guru. Laura brings 15 years of strategic marketing experience for technology companies. Recognized for enthusiasm, leadership, consultative and communication skills, both as a consultant and as VP of Marketing, she has helped a variety of companies develop and execute go-to-market plans, communications strategies and customer acquisition strategies.

    Laura has worked for Fortune 500 companies including IBM and Hewlett Packard as well as start-up companies including Silicon Graphics and Calico Commerce and PeopleSoft. Laura earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

  • John Mulvey

    John M. Mulvey

    John is an advisory member of the Nanocrowd team, and he brings his knowledge and analytical skills to improve our methods and results. When he isn't working with Nanocrowd, John is a Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering and a founding member of the Bendheim Center for Finance at Princeton University. His specialty is large-scale optimization, with applications to strategic financial planning and other domains. He has implemented Asset and Liability Management systems for many companies, including PIMCO, American Express, Towers Perrin and Tillinghast, Merrill Lynch, American Re-Insurance, and Mount Lucas Management.