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The ViewerVoice™ Platform

Nanocrowd® provides data analysis tools and viewer data to movie and television studios. Our ViewerVoice platform helps you measure and understand your audience’s reactions. You discover which titles belong together, what themes engage specific audience segments, and which audience segments have the highest potential. Because the platform is based on viewers’ words, you also uncover the relationships between titles and audiences, so you can find the right words, comps, and positioning to promote your titles. By analyzing viewers’ reactions, we help you find the right audience for your title and market it to them using their own words.

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Reaction Mapping® Technology

To understand why people like things, we developed Reaction Mapping – a revolutionary new technology that captures the insights and reactions contained in the millions of movie viewers’ comments on the Web. With Reaction mapping, we know the reasons why viewers liked movies. Reaction Mapping uses mathematical models to analyze and summarize the complex emotions found in movie viewers’ comments and make sense of the varied reactions individuals have to a particular movie.

With Reaction Mapping, we analyze viewer comments to compare, recommend, and understand movies. When we're done, one of the things we can do is summarize viewer reactions on a heat map, giving shape to people's responses to movies.

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Reaction Mapping Technology

Nanogenre® Lists

Users describe movies in detail, and we use all that detail to cluster movies into Nanogenre movie lists (like little tiny genres) based on the words people use to describe the movies. Each Nanogenre list is indentified by the three most important words people use to describe the movies in the list.

Nanogenre lists distinguish WHY people like things

Movies aren't just dramas or comedies. Each movie has different facets, and by clustering them into Nanogenre lists, we capture all those facets. The movie Inception is similar to other “powerful, profound, journey” movies, but it's also “weird, disturbing, intriguing” and “future, thought-provoking, philosophical”. The TV show Chuck is like other “funny, non-stop-unpredictable” shows, but it's also “delightful, chemistry, adorable” and “action, spy, secret”.

Discover the words viewers use to describe these titles so you can market to them in their own words. nanogenre lists

Nanogenre List Details

Each Nanogenre list is identified by three of the most important words people use to describe the movies in the list. For The Matrix, the example nanogenre lists shown below capture different reasons why viewers liked The Matrix. The three titles shown for each list are representative example of the titles in the Nanogenre list.

The matrix

The Matrix Nanogenre Lists


Blade Runnder 2049


Mad Max Fury Road
Dark Knight Rises
Terminator Salvation


Deadpool 2
Captiain America the Winter Soldier


Altered Carbon
Ex Machina

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